Friday, September 25, 2009

cardiomyopathy and discombombulation

Today I caught the 9:30 bus to the city to assist a masters student with her work, and be 'third assistant' which is pretty much code for 'door bitch' in glassblowing. I was already so exhausted, and got home 11 hours before I had to be on a bus again.. and when commuting takes an hour and you do it twice daily.. well thats pretty frustrating.

Anyway, so there I was reading the Bell Jar in my usual spot by the window when I became aware of this strange little shroud/trill thing that I discovered to be emanating from the usual source of bus-sound = the bell. But it was a somewhat duller, more half-arsed version of the usually chirpy sound, and upon closer study I discovered that the "bus stopping" sign was also broken, so each time someone pressed the stop button the lazy bell went 'CLING' and the sign spelled out "bus stopping". this small, fairly random occurrence amused my imagination for quite a while.

The assisting in the studio was pretty good, it was a lovely bunch of people in the hot shop today (as usual, really) and I got many compliments on the half fishermen, half ali-baba/poocatcher pants i made. They aren't finished yet, and I warned my assistant Alex earlier in the week that if my dacks were to drop, he should avert his eyes and that it is not my fault, the pants aren't finished!

I've been pretty down lately, but the idea of spending 3 weeks in Paris in January with my girlfriends has been perking me up quite a lot. Also, there is a good chance that I will be able to go see The Whitest Boy Alive, also known as the best band in the world (haha) in Dortmund in November/December of this year with my boyfriend. that would be amaazing, considering I'm pretty much in love with the singer Erlend Øye
and so much so that I should probably be sedated prior to the event in order to prevent me from throwing my panties at him or running on the stage and pashing him, like my friend's mum did back in the day when John Farnham toured for the first time and she was young and impressionable. (!!!)

I was pretty much a noodle for the rest of the afternoon, eating tuna and pasta and watching a documentary called 'Spellbound' about a bunch of kids taking part in the national spelling bee (usa) in 1999 and the apparent stress and perils of such a 'profession'. hah. was pretty funny, but I really did feel for these kids. the stress levels were running high, as was the perspiration. golly me, there was a pasty kid from Texas who you could pretty much wring out repeatedly and never cease doing so, he was so sweaty! Poor thing. Oh and not to mention this kid. the faces were hilarious. Anyway, time to call it a night. Got a show to set up in the morning which I have not prepared for, so I best do that now. Byeee.

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