Friday, October 16, 2009

4 weeks and 3 days

... then Au Revoir Adelaide!

I know already you won't believe me when I say.. . but things are starting to really come together! this makes me feel incredibly good, considering I've been climbing what feels like mountains of challenges, and valleys of failures. But NO! I am on the up and up!

There is hope in the financial department, a very small chance I'll be able to re-write/maintain my $2000 study grant (possibly maybe PRETTY PLEASE??!?!) and that things may just well be a-okay.

I filled in my form to differ for the 1st semester of next year and arranged to have the option of differing the one after that. I saw my program director today, and it would probably work out better if i was to differ the whole year. *oh dear, will I really have to extend my stay to europe? .. oh nooo* And the fact that I'm pretty on track with my subjects, units, majors and minors is a relief as I thought I had stuffed up in a major way.. turns out its pretty ok, but after this semester ends I will only have to do 1 more glass class to wrap up my minor which is quite sad. I'm really getting into it.

Just then I caught a weekly documentary series on Paris which was so interesting. I learnt some pretty fascinating things about operas, the musee d'orsay, Versailles and the Eiffel tower. The one thing I'd be Superduper keen on doing in paris is seeing some fashion shows. i'm pretty sure i would actually jizz my pants. moving on..

my wonderful friend Anna and I are planning a trip to Geneva to visit her lovely and accommodating married cousin and his wife and go skiing and live the good life for a while. this sounds amazing and I already cannot wait. she's my little sunshine, intellectual stimulant and pocket rocket. sie ist wunderbar <3 Speaking of wunderbar and amazing people, I spent last night with three of my amazing ladyfriends. we bonded over a visit to the zineshop and had some wine and cheese with the lovely artdwellers of Peel street, after which the 4 of us proceeded to the central markets because I decided that fishball soup would totally make our evening. and it did. (it also made me groan all the way back to uni clutching my belly due to food allergy sufferage. however, I survived and am none worse for the wear. phew) the art auction we crawled back to uni for was amazing. super interesting and cheap! it made me really wish I had a special art fund I could dip into at times like these ! amazing! the likes of gabriella bisetto, mark kimber and toby richardson donated work and it was so great.

afterwards we walked to our shared busstop (!!) which is amazing considering we live in 3 different and faraway suburbs and ran amok, rather.. we huddled and cuddled from the cold, did cartwheels and became the ninjas we were destined to be. these girls make me not want to leave, but also realize how lucky I am to have them in my life. they are amazing and make me so happy. bye for now

ps: we have our hands in the air because its what bands do. apparently.

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