Friday, October 23, 2009

looking up

Despite my sleepiness and lack of inspiration to get out of my pajamas I am quite certain things are increasingly looking on the up. Eurotrip is shaping nicely, business here is wrapping up, and flourishing also. It appears I will be joining the Urban Cow stockist family, as they are happy to exhibit and sell my paintings for me. This is really exciting, as they are arguably Adelaide's most prestigious art retail store and I also get a discount when shopping there now - amazing!

I have completed almost all of my commissions for this year, with one large one still in negotiation. I am also looking into some art-related work in Europe which I am not at liberty to disclose as yet, as I have only applied so far and do not want to jinx it! But let me just say that if I do score this, it will be a once in a lifetime experience and I would be jumping to the moon and back.

Glassblowing is proceeding nicely, and speaking of which, I am happy to announce that I have my first ever PAYED glass work arranged for wednesday and thursday next week. That is twelve hours of glass assistance work which I will get payed for. Probably not much, but it is the principle that counts here people. I am super excited and feeling pretty privileged and proud of myself for being selected. :)

I best get dressed for work now and hopefully pick up some pay from the nursery. It is off to the gallery, then to a sushi-train dinner with two of my favourite people Kelly and Matt, who are shouting me tonight :) Very kind. Its supposed to be a goodbye-sushi which actually makes me feel like crying, so I decided to make it this weekend and not too close to my actual send-off date. Phew.
Over n out

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