Tuesday, October 13, 2009

hey lady

I must admit I'm a little bit in love with Frida Gustavsson and her impeccable style outside of the eagle eye of fashion.
Although this wasn't a self styled shoot I felt compelled to include it as I love the energy she portrays in this photo. Its so 50s glam with the leopardprint and plastic sunnies and lipstick. Amazing.

When looking closer at her persona in her day to day life you discover a less glamorous and more subtle person

On a more musical note, I've been obsessed with two songs over the last week. One being 23 Dohlen by Deichkind, a german club/alternative band and Prescilla by the amazingly beautiful and talented Bats for Lashes. However right at this second I am listening to sweet, brooding notes of Joy Division, and Love will Tear us apart to be more specific. Speaking of which, I remember a funny situation that happened to me around 2 years ago.

I was on checkout at my current job, my local fruit and veg when this skinny boy, aged say 14 drops a pack of lollies and a piece of fruit on the counter and feigns boredom and his idea of cool. His little emo fringe hid enough of his young face to make him fit in with his friends and his jeans were tight enough to cause a high level of discomfort. But more importantly underneath his cotton cardigan he wore the classic Joy Division tshirt depicting one of my favourite works of art, the cover of Unknown Pleasures which made me wonder.. so subtly slipping into the barely-existent conversation I said something like "but you should watch out, because love WILL tear us apart.." and he just cocked his eyebrow and looked at me like I just spoke a fusion of french and mandarin to him.

This made me realize he had probably never heard a note of Joy Division or the name Ian Curtis in his short life and purchased that Tshirt in order to feel accepted and to be given the nod of approval by those of more elevated rank in the hierarchy of the House of Emo. It is sad times we live in, friends.

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