Monday, October 12, 2009

one foot on the catwalk, the other in the grave

I sometimes wonder at what point hoch-couture transcends to hoch-art (if there is such a thing)? I feel like with each new season grows this strange fetishistic desire to push the boundaries of fashion by creating higher, more impossible heels as well as sadistically tailored dresses and blouses and the like. Don't get me wrong, kind reader, I love my couture like any other 20 year old lass - but at what point should an artist/designer stop being celebrated, and instead incarcerated?

this is but a baby-mild example of what I am talking about. This to me is exciting and fresh, and if anything, a piece of moving installation art.


Cait said...

Hey love, just curious as I've never heard the term 'hoch couture' before... did you perhaps mean 'haute couture'?
Loving your blog though, hope you're well :) x

peachpatrol said...

hey girliepuss!
yeah I think I must've invented it! the odd thing is, I swear I heard 'hoch couture' before.. maybe I was speaking in german, with hoch meaning high/superior anyway.. i guess it always made sense to be! hah I'm onto something!!!

im pretty good, how are you my pretty?

Cait said...

I'm good, going to bed, had a long day at work... it made sense to me, it was just the spelling of it, I guess they're said similarly :P

Good night chickybabe!