Friday, October 9, 2009

its nothing but a blur, baby!

This past week has been a whirlwind of events and I don't even know where to start. So I'll start at the end, and skip my exhausting week to the important lesson I learned from it.

No-one can make you do anything, so stop imposing rules on yourself.

That is what I told myself this morning when I woke up with a swollen, itchy eye and overall morose outlook. I've been dashing from one event to the next, whether it be a posh wine & cheese evening, a wonderful dressup party or uni event or gallery opening. How much better would I have been off staying at home, relaxing and reading a book? Because I now face tomorrow looking like a pink-eyed panda, and I have a presentation to do on authentic aboriginal art and unlawful practices that have affected the art-economy blah blah. Its all fascinating and I'm totally switched on.. its just that I've been running myself way too hard and have nothing left for myself. But like I said above, I learned from it. I am evolving (hopefully? i think?)

So I stayed home today, let my friend down and not assist her in glassblowing tomorrow and will hopefully come right after my 2 lectures and tutes.

Other than that, I leave for europe in exactly 5 weeks and oh my golly gosh, that one thought sends such a flurry of emotions through me that I could spend the next week listing them all. Words like PSYCHED and COMPLETELYUNORGANIZEDANDUNPREPARED fly through my head..

So now I will go and lose myself in Julia Child's amazing book 'My Life in France', and then maybe chamomile my eye again and hope to God that it returns to normal by tomorrow morning!! Wish me luck kind readers, otherwise it will be not I, but Rocky 'Pink Eye' Balboa doing the presentation tomorrow morning..


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peachpatrol said...

oh, thanks very much :) i'm surprised others bother reading my strange, perverse ramblings! :D