Monday, October 5, 2009

prescilla bats for lashes

I cannot get enough of 'prescilla' by Bat for Lashes, British singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist Natasha Khan. She is amazing and enchanting.. a little bit Bjoerk-like but softer, less aggressive and more soothing. She is amazingly alternative, and her range of accessories in photoshoots and concerts is simply astounding. Although she is currently touring the UK, then mainland Europe then Latin america after christmas I am hoping to catch her at some point in germany. would be amazing!! In the meantime I'll just keep listening to her songs and dream sweet dreams of indian chants, claps and spine-tingling vocals...

There's a girl that wants to start
Been thinking about having a couple of kids
Comb a brush around their heads in the morning
To be needed, simply and be needing
Her name is Carrie
Been on the road for so long
She wants to live in a place that has a number in a name
Find lovers and uncut before the courage is all gone

She really loves him, Prescilla
She really loves him, I tell you

To live life outside of the world
To break the cross that bears her name
She's not your queen anymore, queen of the highway
needs something better than learning away

[exerpt from Prescilla]

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