Friday, January 29, 2010

bunny love

Phew! I just finished building the skeleton of Kelly and my little online store. We work as a dynamic design duo, (wow that sounds rather impressive) under the name Elk & She. We have had a lot of interest on our little army of ceramic bunnies since our show in November and we felt it was time to unveil our magical product to the greater population of the world.

Not done yet, but here is what we have so far:

Here are some shots of our little darlings.

Now its time to quickly pack a weekend bag and be whisked away to my boyfriend´s family house near Hannover. Its a fair drive so I best be off.
Til monday


Sundari said...

They are adorable. Do you have enough to sell? You must be producing them like rabbits!

peachpatrol said...

Haha they are not breeding like rabbits and in fact we made no more than 21 I think. very hard and time consuming to make. all individual and very cute though!

This makes them limited edition which is a good selling point. They are quite popular which makes us happy. we are working on getting galleries to take them on as an installation piece. yeah!