Thursday, January 28, 2010

a foxy time

I just finished watching cycle 13 of americas next top model and I am superchuffed that my favourite (from the start!), Nicole Fox won. I love that she was this geeky, arty, übershy creature turned fiery goddess and I find her journey so inspiring. Not to mention her amazing painting talent. She is definitely the fashion ´flavour of the month´if not year for me.


nadia lavard said...

D'uh! That cycle is not yet in Denmark... *shake fist* Darn you, young lady!

About your comment on my page:
That Book Society Appreciation Club or whatever it's name is, is a lot of short stories by women (I believe), so it is not the one you mentioned.

Yeah, I'm up for coffee and a shower ;) Remember I live in Naestved now, not in Copenhagen. It is in the lower part of Sjaelland, but you can google it :)

Miss speaking with you, bitch <3

peachpatrol said...

sorry babe - I watched it on youtube! All seasons are on there :D The whoooooole thing.

Okay, thats fine. Hopefully we will be able to visit, but actually, may fall out of our range for now..

I miss speaking to my artbitch too! We must talk soon