Wednesday, June 30, 2010

summer fun

Last weekend I had the good luck and pleasure of stumbling upon "Markt für Kunst und Handwerk in Hannover" - an open air arts market in the old town of Hannover. I was on my way to a photo exhibition when I can across this wonderful place. I spun from stall to stall with a crazy look in my eyes feeling more excited and alive than I had in a while. So this little market really set my soul straight!

When I spotted Marlies Adam-Hennecke´s stall I knew I could not stay away. Her ceramic work was so beautiful and unique. I knew I would not walk away without a purchase. The lovely friends I was with decided to buy me my favourite piece from the table which was a large teacup and saucer. (market by the star in photo 2 and seen in photo 3). I was and still am superpsyched to have it. Yay! Here is more on the studio.

For now I will enjoy the summer heat here in Europe, lingering around the 32° mark today and soak up all the sun I can get as in 10 days time I will begin the long journey home to rainy Australia.


Sundari said...

Those mugs look great. And you seem to have had a lovely time!

peachpatrol said...

Hi Sundari,

yeah I sure am having a lovely time and those mugs were AMAZING!! Im sure it feels great to have finished your assessments for the semester. Good luck with the grades! x