Wednesday, June 30, 2010

views from windows

(above three photos taken by me. first was the view from my best friend Karo's Berlin apartment. The second the view from the kitchen window of my little Copenhagen lair which I shared with a friend and the third is a photo of the S-bahn window in Berlin whererfrom I commuted daily to my work.)
I have been spending a lot of time looking out of windows lately. Watching, observing. I am currently in Singapore after a 13 hour flight from Frankfurt. So that definitely gave me time to think and gaze out my little sardine can window.
In a mere 12 hours I will be home again, after 8 and a half months away. It seems so surreal. I hope I wont feel like nothing has even happened and it has all been a dream. Then again, even if I do, it will be the best dream I have ever had.

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