Monday, August 16, 2010

a week of brown and gold

The title of this entry stems from the colour scheme of the above three photographs I chose to sum up the past week's events. The first image shows my lovely friend Miriam receiving two of my paintings over a cup of tea. The one she holds in her hands, 'Message in a Bottle' was won through my 3 Day Studio Sale auction, and the other, smaller piece was one she had her heart set on for a long time. It was so wonderful to catch up with her again and listen to her endless, breathless chatter. She is such a funny little person. Truly, truly wonderful!

Last wednesday night I had dinner with two of my favourite ladyfriends from uni, Sonja and Nadia, who also happen to be two of the most beautiful people I know. We wined and dined at the spiffy Singapore House (here in Adelaide), which in addition to its already luxurious interior comes complete with a Butterfly Room. There live some hundreds of framed beauties to be admired and awed. Sonja and I are already planning our return to have an afternoon of sketching and chatting and to have another helping of the amazing black rice putting. It was simply amazing. I'm fairly certain I said nothing but "oh wow.. oh wow" for the first two minutes of serious sampling. STUNNING food!

Finally, having left (and lost?) my black winter coat in Europe I spontaneously purchased a new one. I am very excited as it fits me very well, has a nice little hood and really cute blue and white stripy lining. When I met a friend in town she said called me Little Black Ridinghood. I think thats pretty cute.

I am, right at this minute putting the finishing touches on a painting. I am very excited. I went off on a strange new tangent, and I think its a really good one! I will share some sneak peeks very soon! Its time to say goodnight and go to bed with "My Uncle Oswald", by the amazing Roald Dahl, possibly my favourite author of all time. x x


fashionbox said...

hey thanks for joining fashion box! it's always nice to have a new follower! ur blog is very cute, and your painting is amazing btw :)

chantelle xx

peachpatrol said...

Thanks Chantelle :) And its my pleasure, your blog is great! :)