Tuesday, October 26, 2010

inspiration in a cup

(Stephanka's delightful ceramic wares with translucent bottoms. wow.)

For the last couple of weeks, it feels like I have been living in the studio. All I can think about these days is glazing, bisqueing and pondering new ingenious ways of making unique ceramic wares. This is also why I am so very excited to introduce to you the work of one of my most favourite etsy sellers, Stephanka. Her uber-popular shop is brimming with amazing and delightful designs, of which a favourite is oh-so-hard to choose! Having said that, I think mine is probably the teapot mug pictured above. Its wonderful. And I thank this New York artist for her joyous approach to her work, as she says on her profile,
"I truly love what I do and I thank every day for this privileged life I live." Well amen to that! Have a great day everyone x

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