Saturday, November 13, 2010

yolk in the studio

This week went by in a series of blurred motions, where I only remember snippets of events .. many buckets of plaster and slip, new underglaze colours which I am very excited about, with my new favourite being 'rocket red'. Despite the many hours I clock at the studio, I still feel like there is so much more to be done. I really should invest in a time machine!

It was quite funny actually, when the other day I was speaking to someone who said "well I don't see what is so hard about making one of those cups! it doesn't even have a handle!" I laughed and said, 'you're right.. I must be a klutz!' Little did she know that from pouring and emptying your mould, to letting it dry, to hand sanding and sponging, to drying, to bisque firing (3-4 day firing), to painting, (then waiting..) then glazing, then waiting then glaze firing (another 3 days).. it takes a lot of time! I think that gives you a good impression anyhow. This of course doesn't even mention the amount of time it takes to make a mold. But anyway! The point is that I wake up excited every day and can't wait to get back to my little studio nook!

I promised you progress shots, and here they are!

[as you can see I am building a small army of cups..!]

[I particularly like this shot of the bottle on the wheel. banding is fun!]

[This was the first batch of babies I got out of the kiln. Man, I was so chuffed, I was dancing down the hall. I can already see the improvement from the first glaze to the ones I am doing now.]

[Here is a little birdseye shot including my odd socks and Alladin pants. The little broken looking cup on the right is from a small series which I call 'yolk cups'.]


Answer My Dream said...

So much time but by the looks of it, it's definitely worth it!

peachpatrol said...

Aw thank you! I definitely feel that it is worth all the effort. Stay tuned for even better piccies! I open the kiln tomorrow :D