Friday, March 18, 2011

custom orders for the goodie horders

Following my show Milk, the orders for ceramic goodies have certainly piled up. Besides making numerous cups and things featuring owls, I am also making 5 custom 2l milk containers. They are somewhat more time consuming, but also much more fun to paint as the designs tend to be more abstract and free flowing. What you see in the first picture is exactly what one of these big bottles looks like post-bisque (after the first firing) and before it gets painted. stay tuned for more sneaky studio shots!

Other good news is that finally finally I have found a wonderful and local (!!) printing company to create some lovely limited edition prints of my work. this is very exciting as I have been wanting to get some made for a couple of years now. the first batch should be done in the next few weeks as I am doing the test printing in the coming days. Yay!

And finally, to wrap up today's excited post I will leave you with a super-sweet feature post by a recent etsy customer of mine, the lovely Cat. Here is her lovely blog.
Toodaloo for now! x

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