Friday, March 18, 2011

little miss post-girl

(isn't the loveheart shaped light the sweetest?)

Another busy week has flown by, dotted by the occasional exciting event like brunch with a good friend or a surprise package from a loved one overseas! Included in this hubbub of happenings has been a successive amount of orders from my etsy shop last weekend. Three orders by Australian customers were made within a few hours of each other, which is a new record for my little shop! So Monday morning was spent wrapping up the goodies nice and snug in lovely illustrated envelopes. Oh and get this super cute message I received from Cat, one of my recent customers:

"Every year my daughters (3 and 5 years old) get to choose badges to decorate their winter coats with - and they picked yours!! I just thought you might like to know! x Cat"

And I couldn't be happier or more humbled that they chose me. Did anything super sweet happen to you this week? x

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