Tuesday, May 24, 2011

red opus students' show

Due to the flurry of this past few weeks it is only now that the Red Opus Students' Show is finished, and I forgot to write about it. Either way it was lots of fun showing alongside some really great up and coming Adelaide artists like Jenny Allnut and Piyarat Mukura. The show was curated by a good friend of mine, the wonderful Anna Ficek, who I am not only glad to have had the pleasure of working with but also the pleasure of sharing a city with, as she is a globetrotter like none other!

All up I am really pleased with the experience and happy with the four pieces I put up. The two large woodpanels were (very ) last-minute, and I have to say they are possibly two of my most favourite pieces that I have created. Someone recently made a comment about Agnes (pictured just above) being a great design for a Tshirt. So that is something to think about. Perhaps I'll enter it on Design By Humans or Threadless? Anyone have an idea for me?


girl holding a paintbrush said...

You have a lovely blog and your drawings are stunning! I love them and wish that I could do that :)

have started following you, if you have time check out my blog. Thanks

Murphy xo

fruzsi said...

Hello lovely, thank you for coming by and leaving a nice little note. thank you for the compliments :) your blog is also lovely. love the fashion features!