Sunday, May 22, 2011

new miri and the birds print and feature on art hound

It is the weekend following yet another busybusy (one 'busy' is simply not enough!) week at uni and in the studio, and at last I get to share the fruits of my labours with you. Firstly, I have added a new print to my store. It is a portrait of Miriam, or Miri and the Birds as I named the piece. It sounds more like a band name than anything, but I think its quite sweet. To achieve the dusty effect I wanted to emphasise the flurry of feathers and movement I used a combination of gouache and white pencil and rub-rub-rubbed until the desired vision took shape. Besides Miri there are a few other new things in store.

Secondly I am very excited to be a featured artist on Art Hound, a fabulous curated space by Brooklyn-based blogger Kate Singleton. Her page is so clever and well designed, I could browse it for eternity!

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