Sunday, June 26, 2011

spontaneous arting

In the flurry of a creative spell, last night I created a most peculiar piece. I'm not sure what originally brought this thread of thought on, but the more I meditated on it the more I realized how much meaning there is in this piece. For me, it is inspired by the idea of energy being a visible force. Just think, if thoughts had colour, shape, sight, sound, smell - all these different sensory elements, then wouldn't we completely reconsider the way we life our lives? If beautiful, happy thoughts floated around us in the shape of pink and orange rosepetals, calling forth our most treasured memories and scents, would we not make the effort to think more positively throughout our day? .. well thats what I've been thinking about! And in this painting I represented this idea of positive thought as feathers floating through space. I think I will get a print made of this tomorrow. But I got excited and already put it up in my etsy shop under Birds of a Feather print.


girl holding a paintbrush said...

I quite like that :) wish I could draw something like it myself. very cool

fruzsi said...

thank you :)