Sunday, October 16, 2011

watercolour ladies

They say that there is a lot of the maker visible in their work of art, and I suppose I agree. My work of late has included more sombre elements, a refined colour palette and a possibly even more emotion than usual. From a psychological and a somewhat objective standpoint I find this very interesting, and believe that my art-making path is a blessing, for it provides visual narration and documentation of my life. In my ripe old age I will look over my oeuvre of work and smile, for I will remember what each piece was about, and what I felt and thought at the time of making. With this recent rainy weather and extended periods of solitude and listening to Warpaint, I suppose its no surprise that my art has taken a dark turn. These three watercolour works were made for the Zombie exhibition at Espionage Gallery which is on for another 2 weeks. There are prints available in my etsy shop and the framed originals are still up for grabs for $75 each. 


Ula said...

beautiful work... it is always lovely to see what you are up to young lady x

fruzsi said...

Thank you darling, same to you! congrats on the french features, how exciting!!