Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas :)

Instead of posting photos of snow-capped huts and reindeers, I have decided to share two pieces that inspired me today, and represent a part of what I am feeling this Christmas. I do not know the three young women in the first photograph, but I can absolutely relate to their feeling of elation and joy. I am having such a lovely time at home with my family, appreciating this time of togetherness and love. The second image is a card from an etsy store (which I will later find and credit!). Anyway, besides its gorgeous hues and folky illustrations I love it because it inspires me to do better and be better for those around me. So I suppose that will be my new years resolution. To do better & be better. Happy Christmas to you all and all the best!


Isabel said...

Your illustrations are so beautiful! I really like the small print with the "you are capable of wonderful things" quote on it. Can I use this image to put it on my blog as a gadget? Thank you anyway and your blog is so good!

Isabel x

"I" is for Isabel

fruzsi said...

Hi, thank you! Yeah the card is indeed wonderful but not my design. I will really try to find out who made it!