Thursday, January 5, 2012

drawing a line

Golly me, how time flies! I have been meaning to post for weeks, and even now I am rushed to get a brief message out. Over the last few months I forgot to share with you the article published in The Advertiser (a big morning paper here in South Australia), within which was a fancy little feature of myself and six fine lady illustrators was printed. We were gathered in July for a 'barefoot bride' inspired photoshoot in which we modeled haute couture ballgowns by Alexis George in the beautiful, decapitated old Tuxedo Cat venue. It was a long day of shooting, but also much fun because everyone was so lovely and professional. Then finally, in November the article came out and it seemed like ALL my friends, acquaintances and their dogs read this paper. It was very funny to be recognized on a couple of occasions as well, despite the fact that I look VERY different in real life! And no where near this fancy (or curly haired) for that matter. Alas, my incognito identity has been spoiled.. Now to go into hiding!

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