Saturday, March 24, 2012

Living A Life that I Can't Leave Behind - Exhibition Opening @ Reading Room

My friend and fellow blogger Steph (mayhem & miscellany) put on a little exhibition of experimental photographs which we took through travels in Europe and North America. The central idea was that of being tied to a place, and not quite being able to let go. So this exhibition was supposed to be intimate, and cathartic, a practice of exorcising the nostalgia. The opening was last Thursday on the 22nd, at the Reading Room in Adelaide, SA. It was a really lovely night, and we had lots of people come and check out the show. I put up photos I took with my Diana F+ and Splitzer lens during my 9 month sojourn through Europe, and my one month of travel through the States and Canada in February 2012. I mixed and matched photos through weaving threads of stories around them that connect and intertwine recurring themes and ideas. I provided a little paragraph of writing about each pair, which got a terrific response. The feedback from the show was great, and I had a lovely time. I am also quite enamored with Steph's magical shots of Denmark. Her love of this country definitely glows through the photographs. I think our work looked really good together, and I'm very glad we could make it happen. Big thanks to Kat and the volunteer crew at the Reading Room. Show is on til the 13th of April, so locals still have plenty of time to check it out.

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