Friday, March 30, 2012

times of late & record etsy sales


Just a quick post of an excited nature today, written with a beautiful jasmine & pear cup of tea in hand, and a cool breeze moving through the house. This last month has been super-duper busy, with a couple more exhibitions under my belt, and my first 2 assignments done for Masters. Yay! Currently I am preparing for two more group shows at Espionage Gallery, then my big solo show at Seedling in May. Busy busy! Then yesterday, to top it all off I received my biggest single etsy order to date. A whole bunch of prints and a little vase! Yay! Anyhow, I will keep the positive vibes going and try and get a little more sleep in order to get through the coming times. Hope everything is swell in all corners of the blogosphere x


Sarah Miller said...

Good stuff! Hope your positivity and hard work reaps you many rewards!!

fruzsi said...

:) Thank you Sarah