Friday, September 4, 2009

thing to-do to-day

[by the amazing Sergey Komarov]

Well, today's to-do list included a number of things.
~arrange pile of crap/papers/tax forms/teacups/pens/THINGS on desk to make it usable
~put away clothes before they start growing at alarming rate like usual
~reply to some emails
~start commission #2 for September
~note down all due-dates and presentation dates for all 4 subjects in diary so i stay atop my mass of uni tasks
~work on photo presentation for friday
~read more about Lee Miller
~keep reading my Susan Sontag
~get ready and go to work
~enjoy the sunshine
~maybe take some photos

But so far I only managed to reply to a few emails, have breakfast and cup of tea and spend an hour blogging/facebooking etc. Hmm. Right.

Oh also, (my) Eurotrip is starting to come together. I am now 'booked out' until the end of March, after which I'd like to spend maybe a month doing not much in Kassel with my amazing lovely boyfriend who will (unfortunately), more likely be working lots of studying lots.. either way I can succumb to my domestic womanly instincts and cook and "nest" as my friend Kelly says. Yep, nesting is fun. It will be nice to just be like a normal couple, and do the mundane daily things together, SEE EACH OTHER EVERY DAY (oh my god) and just be. Just be. Yes. That is the dream.

Alright, enough dreaming for now, its time for another cup of tea, maybe some attempt at yoga and then some cleaning. Bye for now.


Sundari said...

Lee Miller is a bit weird, you made her interesting though.

peachpatrol said...

yeah she was quite an oddball. but aren't all artist just that, essentially? isn't that what makes us interesting?