Tuesday, March 16, 2010

double take

I´m really into quiet images these days, and I suppose I have always have been in a sense. However, of late I have found myself really finding comfort in serene images, those capturing the unnoticed moments like a teacup raised to a girl´s lips, or a cat crossing the road. Whenever I do come across such a photograph I get excited but also think to myself, "why dont people bother to take more pictures like this?" These are moments of magic, and people are missing it. And so I made a little promise to myself to document these precious, fleeting events and make the ordinary extraordinary.

Here are a few pieces from my travels around Hungary over the last month.

I arrived in Germany (again) yesterday, having flown in from Hungary after 4 weeks with family and friends and enjoyed 6 hours with my wonderful friend Karoline in Berlin, then took a 3 hour train to Kassel to my darling boyfriend. It is supernice to be back, and I haven´t felt this at home in a while. It feels great.

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