Saturday, June 19, 2010

D n M

(all above photographs are by me taken in Oroshaza, Berlin, and the last two in Copenhagen)

... I find it is sometimes hard to philosophise about your life when you don´t know where it is going. You naturally assume everyone else has their desire direction and you are left alone wondering if you are with the right person and doing the right thing, or just sleepwalking through your life. Or thats how I feel sometimes - as in this moment.

I decided to illustrate this entry with photographs I have taken over the last few months of travel that depict a sense of quiet and aloneness.I sometimes wonder how "cat ladies" come to be. Those old women who end up in a small unit with a dead garden talking to her twenty odd cats and cooking nothing but cabbage soup. Were they once someone´s someone? Did they love and be loved and simply lose their way? Was it all doomed for them from the start, as they drew the Old Maid card from God´s hand?

I wrote D n M as the title for this train of thoughts as an abbreviation for Deep and Meaningful, but as I later thought Dark and Murky, or dark and twisty as Meredith Grey would say. I find comfort in dark, morbid thoughts. Like expecting or feeling the worst will be worse than anything that can actually happen, and thus you save yourself a whole lot of heartache. Thats my theory in cliffnotes anyway.
I will now go for a nice long walk through the farms and fields and hope to lose myself for a while. Adieu.


Anonymous said...

you have a lovely blog (: it feels so dreamy, i love all the photographs you show. i hope you're having a lovely time traveling!

peachpatrol said...

Hi there. thanks for your comment - it means a lot! i am having a very nice time traveling, though I only have around 20 days left. Though you gotta leave in order to come back!