Thursday, June 24, 2010


(all three photos by me, taken in the small town of Szeged, Hungary)

Now that my trip is near its end, I look back on travels and adventures I had, and aprecciate them even more in retrospect. I miss the quiet surprises of Eastern Europe, like the little old ladies selling flowers in front of the post office and the myriad of icecream flavours available for less than a 50 cents a scoop. I love the way I sometimes feel like I am really at the end of a world, like when I found myself at a delapitated, disused trainstation in rural Hungary and saw or heard no soul for hours. The iron grip of the Soviet era past is omnipresent in the homes of people, as they still grind their own coffee and make their own soda in small apartments overlooking fields of other dwarving buildings. Some still drive Trabants and distill their own palinka and deplore the politics that have sent the country down the drain some ten years ago.

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