Monday, August 30, 2010

s o l d

(Big Sister, Little Sister - watercolour and ink on woodpanel 2010)

This painting of mine sold at Urban Cow Studio after a really short time, which on the one hand is a pleasure and a tick in the "success" box, and on the other hand a little sad that I won't get to see it anymore. Usually seperating emotions from business isn't so hard, as I consciously create work to sell, and am well aware of the fact that we will part. This painting, however became one of my favourites and traveled around Europe with me. We had some good times.

On the other hand I will still have the Big Sister, Little Sister postcards and badges in store (in limited edition runs) and get to see them every day. I'm sure it is going to a happy, loving home which does make me feel very good!

In the meantime, I am looking forward to tomorrow night's walking tour of East Hindley Street, Adelaide showcasing the new exhibitions opening there. Will you be attending?


jonahliza said...

beautiful <3

peachpatrol said...

thank youu :)

Halle said...

you have a very cute blog. love ur drawings !

Ula said...

this is a beautiful illustration... what a talented lady you are =)

peachpatrol said...

oh thank you so much!