Saturday, September 4, 2010

grimy floors and rain

It has been a while since I posted some of my photographs, and what better time to share them than right after a shoot? My lovely long haired Belarussian friend Vera and I have been getting together to photograph for well over a year and have had lots of adventures and odd encounters doing it. We hunt for delapitaded buildings with children building fires from stolen library books and strange trees with twiggy branches. This time we traversed the alleys of cloudy Adelaide and discovered some interesting spots to document. I think I will be sending some images to fivethousand as it seems like a really great little online venue to be seen. I enjoy reading the cafe reviews especially, and will be sure to hunt down that cute little place in Croydon they so highly praised..

For now I will get back to my quiet sunday of tea drinking, music hunting and painting. Have a nice sunday and stay warm! x


heleen said...

This reminds me of the quote "Some people, like houses, are beautiful in dilapidation." The photos are marvellous by the way, such a great composition and gorgeous colours.

I also wanted to inform you I did a small blogpost on the badges I received from your shop a couple of days ago. I'm more than happy with them and the quality is excellent! Thank you thank you xxx

peachpatrol said...

Ooooh my love, I didn't know it was you!! But its even more sweet and mysetious finding out this way. I really did not put the two together. Thank you for the GORGEOUS post on your blog. I'm so touched. Thank you

peachpatrol said...

PS: I LOVE that quote! thanks so much for sharing x