Sunday, September 5, 2010

colours in the air

(the above two images I took last week. they show the winter chill we have been experiencing here in Adelaide, but also the hope blossoms bring of warmer days to come.)

Originally, I was going to start off this entry by excitedly sharing that I am today sending a small parcel of peachpatrol goodies to NY and Sydney. Yay! But then I got a wonderful comment by the superlovely Heleendb from Belgium saying that she wrote a little feature in her blog on the package she received from me/my etsy shop last week! Her post really warmed my heart, as well as the beautiful photos that accompanied her words. You can read her entry, so perfectly titled "Twilight Dancing", here.

In other news, the sun is ever so cautiously poking out its legs from under the clouds today, which is great news! Its been raining cats and dogs here so it is SUCH a relief to get a bit sun! I think I'll sit in the garden for about ten minutes to catch some all important Vitamin D energy before heading to the city to catch up with two lovely girlfriends. Hope you have some sun in your day too! x x


Lightning Heart said...

ooh that's so cool that you know Kerri also! i go to tafe with her, she's my favourite :D
your work is so wonderful, glad to have found such a great local artist :)

peachpatrol said...

Aw thanks! Yeah it is such a small world :)