Monday, August 23, 2010

sneaky peaky, makey bakey

(a plate of my Cardamom delight and a sneak preview of "The Nest", watercolour, graphite, ink and colored pencil on wood.)
The weekend flew by with unusual ease as I worked on my glass project, completed etsy orders and baked a bizarre little shortcake. The key ingredients comprises of rice flower, cardamom pods, oat milk and roughly chopped almonds. It definitely sits in the "zingy" category of baked goods, as the flavours have some bite and the almonds have some crunch. I topped it with a beautiful raspberry puree from Haighs. I will take some to the studio today and feed some of my fellow povered art students.

On another, somewhat more delighted note I am pleased to share that over the last 3-4 days I completed about 5 paintings. I was in a creative daze and found myself reaching for woodpanel after woodpanel. Very exciting! Especially considering the fact that I was offered a spot in October for a little exhibition, (still very hush hush for now!) for which I needed to create new works anyway. Stay tuned! x